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ABOUT US has been developed by Brian Basser. Brian has over 25 years of programming experience and recently had a gig working for, which exposed him to the world of making money online. Brian is an entrepreneur and is always looking for a new opportunity. This is his third business start-up, and second software venture. Brian is looking for a long-term earning opportunity and build Passive-Earner to create that, not only for himself, but for all the members. We help each other.

Brian is joined by Dmitry, who was the previous owner of the domain. Dmitry is in charge of site administration, marketing and advertising, forum presence, and overall corporate communications. Together we have a vision to build world-class products and deliver them to our members and shareholders. is owned and operated by Landwhale Enterprises, Inc.

Please refer to the following document scans for further information:

Articles of Incorporation

Corporate Status