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Frequently Asked Questions

How to earn money with Passive-Earner

When can I start earning? provides multiple income opportunities. We offer an exclusive access to unique personal portfolio manager feature offering an easy method to advertise personal website. At the same time a general five level referral system shares commissions on any upgrade or advertising purchases.

Another income method will be to view members' promoted portfolio listing pages. Occassionally members will promote their listing pages which you can get paid to view. This is not guaranteed. The number of links available to click depends on our advertisers, therefore there is no guaranted daily ads issue.

The main way you will earn with Passive-Earner is by referring others to use our Portfolio Listing service. It's the best, most unique ad platform in the industry and we will be around for many, many years to come. You can feel confident referring others to use Passive-Earner to track and promote their online earning opportunities.

An additional opportunity to make money is through Royalty Positions. Royalty Positions entitle you to a fixed percentage of monthly net income, thus you get dividends every month. You can also sell them for profit.

Is there an affiliate program?

Free members earn 10% of 1st level referral purchases.

There are 3 monthly memberships: Novice, Advanced, Expert, each with their own compensation plan.

There is also a 10% referral commissions from your first level referrals' purchases such as advertising credits, banner credits and etc.

Memebership upgrades unlock a 5 level compensation plan that pays from your referral upgrades to 5 levels deep. The percentage you receive is based on your own upgrade level as follows:


1st Level 30%
2nd Level 5%
3rd Level 3%
4th Level 2%
5th Level 1%


1st Level 40%
2nd Level 8%
3rd Level 5%
4th Level 3%
5th Level 2%


1st Level 50%
2nd Level 12%
3rd Level 8%
4th Level 5%
5th Level 3%


Can I have multiple accounts?

No, it is not allowed and futhermore, there is no benefit to having multiple accounts. If you think of one, please submit a support ticket explaining that.

Is this a PTC or Paid-to-Click program?

No. It is not. Occassionally members will promote their listings and other members are then paid to view those pages. We don't guarantee that. And we limit the amount you can possibly earn this way.

Can I earn back my membership by clicking ads?

While this may be possible, it is not guaranteed and we don't offer a program whereby your upgrade is returned to you plus a percent. That is not what Passive-Earner is offering. If you want to click ads for a fixed return, please look at some of the programs other members are promoting.

Do you offer a fixed percent return on memberships?

No. We do not offer any guaranteed earning at all.

Membership Benefits

How is this program different from the rest?

The Passive-Earner provides a unique opportunity for it's members to build personal "portfolio" with the programs of own's choice and share with the rest of the world! Members will receive a custom sub-domain, according to the username.

Data for tracking the success of the program is also driven by members. Investments and cashouts are posted by members, and that data is made available to all Novice, Advanced and Expert members. When members post their investments and cashouts, a forum post is made automatically on their behalf complete with screenshot of a payment proof if desired.

Members have the option of remaining anonymous, but it is required for members who want to take advantage of all that Passive-Earner has to offer to post their investments and cashouts from portfolio programs.

Do I get any Advertising Credits?

Novice members receive 500 text ad impressions per month, 500 PEken credits and an ability to list 2 programs in the personal portfolio.

Advanced members receive 1500 text ad impressions per month, 1000 PEken credits and an ability to list 5 programs in the personal portfolio.

Expert members receive 5000 text ad impressions per month, 2000 PEken credits and an ability to list 15 programs in the personal portfolio.

What a fantastic benefit to members who like to invest in online programs! is all about helping members maximize their online earning and limit their risk.


What happens If I upgrade my membership while having different one?

We always try to think about our members therefore we developed a quite unique feature in case you ever face following issue. In case you do, You will receive a discount on your upgrade based on how many days you have left on your current membership.

An example might be more useful. Imagine if you had a novice membership with 20 days left, that is equal to 2/3 of $5. So, in case you upgraded to Expert, you would have to in reality pay $20-$3.33=$16.67 for 20 days of Expert membership.

Also note that your membership has to have more than 7 days left to get the credits back, as you are granted with 7 day free membership upon registration.

Are upgrades credited instantly?

At the moment no, upgrades aren't credited instantly and are required to be approved by admin first.

The reasons underlying such decision it payment processor API testing for possible bugs and exploits. Eventually upgrading will be instant. However, you don't need to send a support ticket right now, the admin dashboard shows the new orders.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No, it is not allowed.

What happens if I downgrade?

In case you downgrade the membership, for instance from Expert to Novice you will still have two portfolio links. System will automatically delete all, expect for the two added the latest.

What happens to my listening if my membership runs out?

In case your membership runs out, you will lose all the listings. However, to avoid unexpected membership deadline, system will automatically send you notifications multiple times couple of days in advance.

Passive-Earner Business Operations

What Payment Processors are accepted?

At the moment Passive-Earner uses PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay, Payza, BitCoin. We will be adding Neteller and Payeer.

We are working hard on adding new Payment Processors and in case we have missed an important - don't hesitate to open a support ticket and share!

Is a legal business entity?

Yes. is owned by Landwhale Enterprises, Inc. Document scans can be found at "About Us" page

Is this business sustainable?

Yes! This business is 100% sustainable. The business model here is that of an online investment club. You join to enjoy the advertising benefits provided by the system including the personal portfolio, multiple advertising options and the forum. These items alone should be worth the membership fee, but Passive-Earner offers more ways to earn more while you earn in other programs!

Royalty Positions

How do you make profits to pay royalties?

At the moment profits are derived from one source:

  • Membership fees -  A percentage left of every membership plus any referral commissions that roll up to admin are transferred to the pot.
  • Advertising Revenue - The revenue earned by offering advertising options such as traffic exchange credits, banner advertising and others.
  • Fees - Transactions such as withdraws and deposits generate fees that are additionally contributed to the net income of the company. In addition, trading fees from the Royalty Position market are added to the income statement.

Additional revenue streams will be developed in the future including: merchandising, games, advertising, traffic exchange, and more.

What is the Royalty Position market?

Royalty Positions are assets that can be bought and sold. The Royalty Position market allows you to purchase and/or sell Royalty Positions from/to other members at Passive-Earner. The price is determined by the market, thus administration has no direct nor indirect connection with it.

How do the Royalty Positions work?

Each Royalty position entitles you to a percentage of monthly net income, thus you receive monthly dividends depending on the percentage of total Royalty Positions you have. You can sell Royalty Positions anytime you want at the market.

Do I have to be a member of to purchase positions?

At this time, yes.  Although the shares represent equity in Landwhale Enterprises, Inc. which owns and operates, we are using the cashier functions on this site to facilitate the sales, so you must have a passive-earner account to access those pages.

A paid membership is not required to purchase positions and becoming a shareholder does not confer any benefits of paid membership.


How to buy Royalty Positions?

The only way to purchase Royalty Positions is through the market. The price is determined by the market itself.

What are Royalty Positions?

Royalty Positions are special sort of 'shares' that entitle you to receive a fixed percentage of companies net income as dividends based on your holdings. That is, depending on how many Royalty Positions you own - you will receive monthly dividends depending on the percentage amount you have.

For example, if you have 10% of total Royalty positions you will receive 10% of net income every month as dividends.

You can buy and sell Royalty Positions at the market. 

Promoted Portfolio Listing Pages

How do I earn when members promote their Listing Pages

Traffic Exchange provides a new and unique way to earn additional income at Passive-Earner. By being able to view the portfolio listing pages that other members have promoted. You can earn from 1 up to 20 PEken per page view depending on your membership level. Advertisers also receive surf banner and text ad impressions, and tokens.

There are no guaranteed paid views. It depends solely on other members promoting their listing pages, and your timing because views are paid on a first-come first-served basis.

Each member has a limit imposed for maximum of 25 paid page views per day.

How much can I earn?

When members promote their Portfolio Listing Pages, then a certain number of members can be paid to view those pages.

Members are limited to viewing a maximum of 25 promoted listing pages per day. You may or may not have access to that many promoted listing pages.

Your membership level determines how much you will be paid and how long you have to view a promoted listing page as follows:

  • Free - Earn 1 PEken per click with a maximum of 5 clicks per day. The timer remains at 30 seconds per ad. Free members do not earn tokens.
  • Novice - Earn 5 PEken per click with a maximum of 25 clicks per day. The timer remains at 30 seconds per ad. 1 token per 25 clicks.
  • Advanced - Earn 10 PEken per click with a maximum of 25 clicks per day. The timer is decreased to 20 seconds per ad. 1 token per 25 clicks.
  • Expert - Earn 20 PEken per click with a maximum of 25 clicks per day. The timer is decreased to 10 seconds per ad. 1 token per 25 clicks.

The advertisments (listings) are issued by our advertisers only. Therefore the number of ads you may be paid to click can flactuate from 0 to 25.

What are the benefits of promoting porfolio listing pages?

For every $1 spent to promote your portfolio listing page(s) members receive 5000 text ad impressions and 600 PEKen worth of unique views paid to other Passive-Earner members.

Each $1 spent also earns the member 1 token. More details on token are discussed below.

Are there referral commissions?

Yes, there are!

For every purchase made by your referral you receive 10% of the sale. There are no referral commissions on member listing (traffic exchange) clicks.

What are tokens and how can I use them?

Tokens are an unique in-house bonus for rewarding members for participation in Passive-Earner by being active advertisment viewer and advertiser. There are two ways to earn tokens - For every $1 spent on advertising 1 token is credited to your balance and in addition you can exchange 100 PEKen's for 1 token.

Every token is worth 10 cents ($0.10) and can only be used at, a stand-alone project by Each token will give you a cycling position that will be placed in the cycler line. After your position cycles you get one more extra token.



What do I do with them?

There are several ways you can use your PEKen's. First of all, you can assign them to your individual portfolio listings and get extra traffic and unique visitors to them (listings). Also, you can exchange PEKen's for SurfCycler positions and participate in the cycling process. Lastly, you can exchange 1,000 PEKen's for $1 via special internal currency converter.

What are PEKen's?

PEKen are special internal currency that you earn for purchasing advertising packages and viewing websites. Each membership level earns different amounts of PEKen's per view.

How are PEKen's earned?

You can earn PEKen's in various ways. First of all - by viewing other people listings you earn PEKen's depending on your membership level.

Secondly, for every $1 spent on advertising packages you earn PEKen's as well.