How to earn money with Passive-Earner

When can I start earning? provides multiple income opportunities. We offer an exclusive access to unique personal portfolio manager feature offering an easy method to advertise personal website. At the same time a general five level referral system shares commissions on any upgrade or advertising purchases.

Another income method will be to view members' promoted portfolio listing pages. Occassionally members will promote their listing pages which you can get paid to view. This is not guaranteed. The number of links available to click depends on our advertisers, therefore there is no guaranted daily ads issue.

The main way you will earn with Passive-Earner is by referring others to use our Portfolio Listing service. It's the best, most unique ad platform in the industry and we will be around for many, many years to come. You can feel confident referring others to use Passive-Earner to track and promote their online earning opportunities.

An additional opportunity to make money is through Royalty Positions. Royalty Positions entitle you to a fixed percentage of monthly net income, thus you get dividends every month. You can also sell them for profit.

Is there an affiliate program?

Free members earn 10% of 1st level referral purchases.

There are 3 monthly memberships: Novice, Advanced, Expert, each with their own compensation plan.

There is also a 10% referral commissions from your first level referrals' purchases such as advertising credits, banner credits and etc.

Memebership upgrades unlock a 5 level compensation plan that pays from your referral upgrades to 5 levels deep. The percentage you receive is based on your own upgrade level as follows:


1st Level 30%
2nd Level 5%
3rd Level 3%
4th Level 2%
5th Level 1%


1st Level 40%
2nd Level 8%
3rd Level 5%
4th Level 3%
5th Level 2%


1st Level 50%
2nd Level 12%
3rd Level 8%
4th Level 5%
5th Level 3%


Can I have multiple accounts?

No, it is not allowed and futhermore, there is no benefit to having multiple accounts. If you think of one, please submit a support ticket explaining that.

Is this a PTC or Paid-to-Click program?

No. It is not. Occassionally members will promote their listings and other members are then paid to view those pages. We don't guarantee that. And we limit the amount you can possibly earn this way.

Can I earn back my membership by clicking ads?

While this may be possible, it is not guaranteed and we don't offer a program whereby your upgrade is returned to you plus a percent. That is not what Passive-Earner is offering. If you want to click ads for a fixed return, please look at some of the programs other members are promoting.

Do you offer a fixed percent return on memberships?

No. We do not offer any guaranteed earning at all.

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