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SurfCycler v2

Started by brian 1,525 days ago

spitfire 1,499 days ago 5,979 11
BestGames Member Since
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27-May-2016 09:12
Unused tokens are exchanged for 1 gram of silver.
But you must deliver tokens physicaly to Belize.
This make this whole operation economically unviable.
Pity. cwy
1,502 days ago
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passivetools Member Since
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27-May-2016 09:12
once the programming is done you can echange tokens for $ or use the for advertising purposes.

I am also curious about surfcycler.moneyprogress, it will be an excellent advertising tool. 
The end of the month usually brings about some updates.

- So I will meditate for 1000 minutes upon PE.
and farm on in the marketing land of thinking.
- Does the surfcycler script have any bugs, did it satisfy the members ambitions? yes, yes, yes.

Let's run with it!
1,502 days ago
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Axiantor Member Since
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27-May-2016 09:42
What's the ETA?
1,502 days ago
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Member Since
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27-May-2016 17:48
You can exchange your tokens for PEken. That function has not changed. Within the next couple of days you will be able to exchange PEken for $ with strict limitations. $2 max per week for non-upgraded members. After your first exchange, you'll be required to post a payment proof on MMG or TalkGold to do subsequent exchanges.
1,502 days ago
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Axiantor Member Since
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30-May-2016 07:30
Thanks Brian.

Sorry for not following things. Can you give me the conversion ration of the PEken for $?

thanks in advance.
1,499 days ago
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