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Started by BestGames 2,302 days ago

brian 146 days ago 14,566 64
BestGames Member Since
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03-Nov-2015 17:31
They pump Bitcoin price like crazy today.....  whistling
We should be careful, perhaps this is speculative move ????
2,176 days ago
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Orange88 Member Since
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03-Nov-2015 20:08
No speculative. EU just recognized Bitcoin as real currenty. Took control and etc.
2,175 days ago
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vella85 Member Since
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03-Nov-2015 21:49
Now over $400 grin
2,175 days ago
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justinpaid Member Since
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04-Nov-2015 05:16
great ratesmile
2,175 days ago
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BestGames Member Since
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04-Nov-2015 15:48
This convicted Ponzi-schemer may be responsible for bitcoin's massive price spike

Sergei Mavrodi is a convicted Russian Ponzi-schemer who may be driving bitcoin's value up now.
Bitcoin is ripping higher these days, and a report from the Financial Times suggests that a convicted Ponzi-schemer's latest enterprise could be behind the surge.

Sergei Mavrodi runs the website MMM, which describes itself as the "Chinese social financial network."

There, he breaks down in precise detail how investors can buy into bitcoin with multiple trading accounts, FT Alphaville's Izabella Kaminska reports.

Mavrodi offers bonuses to MMM investors depending on how many additional people they can bring into the network, and, additionally, he entices people to take to YouTube to upload testimonials of how much they made.

While US-based bitcoin investors were reluctant to hang the entire balance of the cryptocurrency's appreciation (about 90% over the past month) on Mavrodi's Chinese social-financial network, they also cannot deny the recent impact of China's investors on bitcoin.

"We have not seen volume like this coming out of China since 2013," Brendan O'Connor, CEO of Genesis Global Trading, a bitcoin broker, told Business Insider.
2,175 days ago
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