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Started by BestGames 2,302 days ago

brian 146 days ago 14,551 64
Rightchoice Member Since
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12-Jul-2015 16:00
I realized I was wrong about being able to mine all bitcoins in a week.. The difficulty adjust every 2016 blocks thus making my theory unavailable.. I forgot this. Since when I was mining Bitcoins they adjusted the difficulty once a week which was what I based my earlier statement .
2,290 days ago
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Rightchoice Member Since
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13-Jul-2015 10:18
So anyone else noticed has been unavailable for few days now..?

I mean the main site 

gives me and message of Maximum concurrent requests for this endpoint reached. Please try again shortly. 

However you can get to the site if you go thought other links such as:

And the site works just fine. except if you try to go to main page (home) it does not always load
2,289 days ago
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BestGames Member Since
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04-Aug-2015 11:15
Bitcoin News.
Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP), a payment network owned by major international airlines such as American Airways, British Airways and Lufthansa, has partnered with bitcoin payment processor Bitnet.
The integration allows over 260 of UATP’s airlines to accept bitcoin through Bitnet, starting today.
Introduced in 1936, UATP is credited with issuing the first-ever charge card. As of 2014, the company
processes around $14bn in payments from corporate customers, travel agents and retail consumers.

Akif Khan, vice president of solutions strategy at Bitnet, said he expects the airline’s clients to enable the payment method given the high cost of credit card processing, challenges with fraud mitigation
and the need for improved cross-border payment tools.

Khan told CoinDesk:
"It's very much in the airlines’ interest for the consumer to pay with bitcoin given that the airline will have cheaper fees and they know that money can't be taken away in a fraudulent transaction."
2,267 days ago
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passivetools Member Since
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04-Aug-2015 13:06
Oooh, good to know.

Also I'm on the frontier for finding a btc debit card.

A very saught after product!!!
Cool points for bitknock.
I'll keep PE informed
2,267 days ago
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BestGames Member Since
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04-Aug-2015 13:52
Passivetools, I will offer such true Bitcoin Debit Card as affiliate soon.
I will make a landing page at my Passive Earner Journal.
I will let you know. smile Don't worry, such excellent product exist.
2,267 days ago
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