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Started by BestGames 2,302 days ago

brian 146 days ago 14,549 64
BestGames Member Since
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04-Aug-2015 17:24
Most of the countries could apply for Bitcoin debit card, including most American countries like Canada or Belize. smile  173 countries allowed and card is issued under VISA agreement, and this is UK-based company.

It's funny I am in contact with them and asked them the situation when American use Canadian address to order the card, whether he can use it on US territory and login to the account from US net I.P. address. I am curious about their answer.

It's interesting card, cost only $17 for issuance and shipping one-time fee.
All POS transactions free.
You can upload any amount of BTC to the card and spend it as USDollar transaction. Only 2% charge for every upload. E,g. if you need to go for shopping tonight just upload e.g. BTC 0.10 wait for confirmation and you can shop with around $25 on the card.

If you order card unverified (anonymously), you can have total turnover $1000 on card lifetime, but no one ask for name or any verification. Verified card holders have very high limits. 

When you order your card then, you can apply for affiliate program and promote this card to others.
You will earn 10% of total gross fees on your referrals in the first year, and 5% thereafter.
2,267 days ago
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vella85 Member Since
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04-Aug-2015 22:50
Coin jar has it's own debit card however it's only available to Australians at the moment.I think next is the UK as they have an office set up there now and one in Melbourne Australia.

Watch this space grin
2,266 days ago
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BestGames Member Since
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05-Aug-2015 05:37
I have an answer from them. Quote:
"Yes, it is possible for US citizen to order cards to Canada. However, it won't be possible to verify such accounts unless valid proof of Canadian address can be provided (U.S. Addresses cannot be verified for the same reason that cards can't be shipped to the U.S.)
So, these cards would only be available with lower limits."

So, the situation is clear. Americans can order Bitcoin debit card by using Canadian or Mexixo or other countries address. They can use such card on US territory. But this card can be ordered as anonymous one (not verified) and you can have gross turnover $1000. After this, the card is void and you have to order new one, the same way.

However, great option to spend $1000 from your Bitcoins anonymously. grin
2,266 days ago
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BestGames Member Since
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15-Aug-2015 11:33
It is hard to believe but it's better do not keep your Bitcoins in Japan.

Bitcoin latest news. Quote:

"In a lawsuit filed by an individual against the bankruptcy trustee for Mt Gox, formerly the most widely
used bitcoin exchange in the world, the Tokyo District Court handed down a judgment on 5th August, 2015, holding that bitcoins are not subject to ownership.
This is probably the first judicial decision in Japan that provides an analysis of the legal nature of bitcoins and the status of a bitcoin depositor in insolvency proceedings."

p.s. Perhaps law used in Western countries have better respect for private ownership. I hope so.
2,256 days ago
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passivetools Member Since
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15-Aug-2015 19:43
?"bitcoins are not subject to ownership."
this is known. 

You don't own the dollar bill. It is just a piece of paper. 
It is the government's piece of paper, "promising the equivalent of gold held in it's reserve".

Which is not true anymore.. 
Otherwise I would love to exchange my dollars for gold. But they are no longer tied to gold.
Now gov can print as much as they want. lol.
2,255 days ago
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