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Started by BestGames 2,302 days ago

brian 146 days ago 14,548 64
passivetools Member Since
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19-Aug-2015 12:57
I know ahhh come on MTV. 

It's game time.,
sitting at 233 right now. 

I received $200 worth on the 17th (price was 256)

so I can't trade until it is back above $256
But I sell in portions; 10% of the bankroll each increment(day or three) 
2,252 days ago
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vella85 Member Since
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19-Aug-2015 22:36
Well most of the cryptocurrenies took a hit as they mostly do when Bitcoin takes a hit.The one that was pretty stable when this was happening was Dogecoin but this time it didn't so maybe it's not as stable as some people suggested.However I am still getting Dogecoin and Litecoin to diversify my holdings.

BestGames maybe it's a good time to start purchasing Litecoin again? what do you think? will it continue it's way down or rebound back up? I prefer Litecoin over any other cryptocurrency,it's like the poor mans gold lol
2,251 days ago
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BestGames Member Since
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20-Aug-2015 05:48
Bitcoin is back to its equilibrium in range $220 to 230.
Many merchants sees this Bitcoin price as good for business.
... and it seems the majority of Bitcoin market participants do not want to sell under $210.
Good for the long-term stability.

... yeahhh, I am still waiting and waiting to get some LTC under $3.
Do you think I should wait longer?
2,251 days ago
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vella85 Member Since
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20-Aug-2015 06:02
I'm waiting for that price range to BestGames, not sure if we will see it get under $3 but I'm hoping it does.Maybe if Bitcoin drops below $225 then we might see Litecoin under $3.
2,251 days ago
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shaz10 Member Since
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24-Aug-2015 18:04
oh man..alien Litecoin under $3  and  it looks the bitcoin will too drop below $200...soon
2,247 days ago
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