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02-Dec-2018 02:57
YourSmartProfit is a hybrid of matrix-PTC-HYIP

It is online more than 2 years and paying since than. 

 Domain registration proof -->

Paying for 2 years proof -->

It was nothing special about this program since they implemented trading packages which brings you good and stable ROI:

Package 250$ --> 100$ per month for 12 months

Package 25$ --> 10$ per month for 12 months

I could not find any proof that they accctually trade so I placed it under HYIP.

They have repurchase balanse as well which is around 10%.

So actually nobody recieves 100$, everybody recieves 90$ minus cash out fee you will get monthly ROI around 35%.

By purchasing trading packages you get positions in matrix as well, wich is not important for me but it is nice. 

To be able to purchase trading packages you have to have PRO membership which is 3$ and it lasts for one month.

You do not have to have PRO membership to cahs out but if you want to purchase or reinvest in trading packages you have to have it.

BTW with PRO membership you get matrix position as well.

This program has like 10 different matrixes which are all interconnected with each other they even have a matrix position fot PTC players called clickers chance matrix.

More about their matrix positions you can find here

Payment processors are Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin(Coinpayments)

You can buy Trading Packages only with Bitcoin(Coinpayments) 

Referral Commission 
Referral commission is 5 level deep but through matrix matching bonuses
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