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Time is going.

Started by Amigo 304 days ago

morlor 304 days ago 613 4
Amigo Member Since
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02-Feb-2022 20:13
Hi all. You survived, congratulations. My name is Vlad. I was a member here, looks like a long time ago.... in 2017. Im happy to see old squad and a new commers also smile
304 days ago
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passivetools Member Since
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02-Feb-2022 21:14
It's been quite for a while, but it will be nice to rekindle the PE forums
304 days ago
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Member Since
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03-Feb-2022 00:27
The forum works and is public. It would be nice to see it get used more.
304 days ago
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morlor Member Since
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03-Feb-2022 03:44
Yes, I often wonder what has become of some of the members eg Darius, Spider etc - hopefully all well and keeping clear of covid which has put a stop to lots of happenings around the world.  I read recently that it will be 2025 before the lurgy slows up - yeeks, then something else will stuff the Planet up..........happy days - just keep trying to make a few $s and all will be well.
304 days ago
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