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Started by remedcu 2,747 days ago

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25-Mar-2016 03:37
Hello All smile

I joined PE on 10th Nov 2016, but I knew about this program way before that. I think all thanks to passive, I used to see his banners, everywhere regarding PE.

But before this account, I had an account earlier in PE, which I just used to know about this site, way back when I think PE started or so. But rarely understood a thing about this. And quit just a day or two after that (Yes, I was a fool grin) And after around a year, I gave PE another chance.

So, on November, I joined again, Brian really helped me at start to understand the system very well. I feel now that he is a good friend of mine, don't know if it is the same for him too wink Hope it is.

On this journey, I saw many people helping each other in here. Personally, I got help from many people too, like Garyusa, profit, Amigo, etc for investing in some programs, reff commission, etc.

It has now become my daily routine to login daily, and hunt for PEkens grin read most of the forum post, etc.

PE has been in a bad state recently, but soon this is going to change with script sales. As we just have to wait for 1-2 script sale, then people will come automatically in search of our script, as that is how that business runs.

I request everyone to just be calm for that time.

With PE, I improved my portfolio, and got a better ROI all together. Got to see many good programs, and really tempting RCBs grin

I tried my bit too whenever possible to make reffer people to PE. I tried a couple of times to explain this system to others, but all they want to know is just how to earn money. They are not ready to learn anything, just want to earn money, and that is one of the reason I think they lose most of the times.

Here in PE, I have a great community to help me out with each programs, get reffs, get advices, and much more. Portfolio and other ways to advertise my program.

I have been an expert member from 1 month of my use of PE. And ever since, I have been an expert member only.

Lastly, I just want to thank Brian to be patient with me at the starting days, I asked him a lot of question, and kind of really irritated him back then (still does grin )

If you read till now, have to agree your patience too grin Yes you!

Good Day all smile
2,747 days ago
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passivetools Member Since
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25-Mar-2016 17:26
PE is also my go-to for information and insight. Many of the members help me discover new potential programs, as well as strategies to use with them.
2,746 days ago
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remedcu Member Since
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25-Mar-2016 19:07
Post #39888 passivetools 25-Mar-2016 17:26 PE is also my go-to for information and insight. Many of the members help me discover new potential programs, as well as strategies to use with them.

True, we just need a simple and effective way to spread the word.

For me, word of mouth has worked more than any advertising for PE. All the reffs who have upgraded under me, have been done only after hours of discussion. The rest joined by outside advertisement, but are not active at all.
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25-Mar-2016 19:50
The fact is, nobody expects a program like this. No hype, no guaranteed earnings, a program that will help you? Nah, couldn't be.

I think a lot of noobs don't understand the value of building a downline in any given program. Referring is the engine of this industry, without members referring all these programs would fail rapidly (well, more rapidly than they already do, ok?). Plus you simply make more money when you have active referrals - here as with every other program. 

We want to make it easy to refer. Those with a little experience know that having a web page with your selected programs and showing payment proofs is one of the best ways and we're here to make that extremely simple. 

I hope that more and more testimonials are posted so it becomes very clear how successful our members are. 
2,746 days ago
remedcu Member Since
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03-Apr-2016 10:31
Forgot to post grin

Got a great dividend this month smile

Thanx to Brian smile

Money used to Bid again in the market. Hope more people get panic and sell at $0.01 grin More profit for me in the long run smile
2,737 days ago
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