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Started by remedcu 2,327 days ago

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11-Nov-2016 12:28
It's been a year in here! smile
2,096 days ago
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passivetools Member Since
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11-Nov-2016 15:25

Friends for life!

wow your portfolio looks great.

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remedcu Member Since
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12-Nov-2016 02:32
2,095 days ago
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remedcu Member Since
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29-Nov-2016 19:26
Been following Passive Tools Method grin

Updating my fb with all my investment from last year

Thinking about updating my portfolio, MyCycler to be added, and Zar to be updated.

Been doing some experiments with FB Ads for PI and EU pages, and looking good so far.

EU have been giving $0.0002 per $0.1 RP, so an annual return of 10.4%
(Which when I found is more than the banks around the world.
Except in Sri Lanka I guess grin )
, but with the potential for exponential growth wink

Been behind brian for some changes in PI, hope he gets some time. I think that can help PI to some extent smile Even to get back old members wink Do check the mails often wink

Hoping the script of Revshare will be done by tomorrow. Hosting, design integration, payment processor, etc follows. I think I will put it online in beta for team building and testing from users, before we officially enter into launch, which can give us enough time to get payment processors accepted too.

I am hoping to launch when there are atleast 500-1000 members and main payment processors are accepted.

Working on the secret project have been slowed down because of some personal works, but will try to pick up the speed soon and launch it after the launch of Revshare.

Started with Matrix2Cycler today, in a mood to play the hyips in fall season wink (high risk, so beware wink )

ZarFund upgraded to Level 3 today.

If I get 0.2BTC more from Zar, will upgrade to Level 4 to atleast try for 1 month wink

The membership there is increasing with each refresh grin

Still sticking to my old team, which was a good decision now when I see it, as the revivial team till now has been worked only for the top leaders.

If upgrading to level 4, it will be to Passive.Fund grin
2,078 days ago
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remedcu Member Since
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04-Dec-2016 01:35
Alexa Stats wink

2,073 days ago
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