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Finally grin

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Presence of Mind:

A few years ago, we were investigating a case of smuggling and we got the mobile number of the main kingpin. When we send our team to the address registered with the telecom company, it was found to be fictitious. We had no further clue to move further and we came to the dead end of the investigation.

Suddenly my colleague Manish got a brilliant idea. He dialed him from his mobile and said, “Congratulations! You have won the bumper price of the draw last week from our company. A gift cheque of Rs 10,000 was send at your address but it has come back undelivered to us. Perhaps, you have changed your address. Can you provide your new address so that we can deliver your gift?”

The smuggler got into the trap and gave his true address.

A team was immediately sent to the address and he was arrested for smuggling.

I still can’t forget how smartly Manish was able to locate the right address by giving a hoax call.
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26-Jun-2016 08:12
Some Random Story about Money, but worth your time:

When I was 15 years old, after my board exams, I persisted dad to buy an expensive phone for me.
He denied.

I asked him, Dad we have a settled business. You have savings. If not now when are you going to use them?

He smiled and said, have patience, you'll get an answer to it on the right time.

My grandma expired last week.

We booked flight tickets as soon as we got the news. We had a flight from Goa to Mumbai, then Mumbai to Rajkot. There was a time difference of 2 hours between the flights. The first flight got 1 hour 45 minutes late. We missed the second flight and we were left with no choice but to book the next flight. We booked next flight.

My dad said, once you asked about my savings. There are some emergencies like this for which you need to save. If I hadn't saved then, I wouldn't had been able to see your Grandma for the last time.

I was not able to make an eye contact with him for once judging him.

I said, Thanks dad ! I realised!

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26-Jun-2016 08:13
Psychological Facts smile

1. People are happier when they’re kept busy. It keeps them feeling positive.

2. Happiness, anger, sadness, fear, disgust, and surprise are the only six emotions that are universally expressed.

3. Chocolate discharges the same chemical in your body as when you feel love.

4. People are more honest when they’re tired.

5. A 20 second hug releases chemicals in the body that help you trust the one you’re hugging.

6. Studies suggest that losing your phone triggers the same panic as a near death experience.

7. You’re more logical when you think in another language.

8. No blind person has ever developed schizophrenia.

9. High school kids have the same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the 1950’s.

10. The brain feels rejection as pain.

11. Your mind wanders about 30% of the time.

12. Your most vivid memories are probably wrong.

13. Even the illusion of progress motivates us.

14. Internet addiction may be added to the list of mental disorders.

15. You can’t multi-task.

16. Your unconscious mind knows first.

17. We’re only capable of being close with about 150 people.

18. When you remember a past event, you’re remembering the last time you remembered it.

19. Small chunks of material are easier to remember.

20. Memories get distorted over time, and every human has at least one piece of false memory.

21. People with low self esteem are often bullies.

22. 80% of conversations are complaining.

23. People who volunteer are more satisfied with their lives.

24. Your brain is more creative when it’s tired.

25. Relationships are more important for your health than exercise.

Have Great Day :-)
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Karma grin

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