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If you join online earning programs like HYIPs, Revenue Sharing, Matrix Programs, Cyclers, or others then was built for you. When you upgrade you gain access to our custom, branded Portfolio Listing Service with your own subdomain and Portfolio Listing Pages.

Our portfolio listings are tailored like an investment monitor site to track HYIPs, RevShares, Cyclers, etc. When you join those sites, one of the first things you do is fund your account and purchase "ad packs". Then you need to post ads. When joining these sites, you don't just join one, you keep your portfolio diversified. A little here and a little there. So, you always have another site to advertise. That's how this industry works.

When you join a site, set up a listing here on your Passive-Earner portfolio. Add a banner, your ref link and any other information you want. You can include a facebook link, or even a youtube video which will pop up on your listing page. Record your investments and cashouts to make your listing look active.

Now... on the various earning programs you join - the ones you list on your Portfolio, when you post ads, instead of entering the link to the program website directly, put in your link to your portfolio listing instead. In this way you'll be promoting Passive-Earner at the same time you're promoting your earning opportunities.

If you are totally new to the industry and don't have any other opportunities to advertise yet, you can always promote Passive-Earner directly by using the link. And anyone can always do that as well.

This is a unique way to advertise and you'll be amazed at the results. You'll gain a good following here on passive-earner and you'll build a good downline on your other programs to earn even more. I know several (or many, even) of our members are experiencing incredible click thru and conversion rates using their portfolio pages as their advertising strategy.

Promote your listings...
Every membership upgrade comes with some credits you can use to promote your listings to our members. Those credits are used to pay members to view your listings. And you can get paid to view other member's promoted listings, too.

Monitor Your Finances...
Your Portfolio is set up to record the deposits and withdrawals you make in all the programs you promote. All entries require a screenshot as proof are reviewed by our staff for authenticity. In this way, we can provide trustworthy data that our members can use to make informed decisions about where they spend their money.

 But I can't refer! 

Refering is what drives this industry. None of these online money-making sites could exist if it were not for members referring others and getting them to upgrade or invest. If you join sites you generally buy "ad packs." That's for advertising other programs and if you are participating you are trying to refer others by advertising. You probably don't get such great results just placing banners on PTC and Rev Share sites since that's what everyone is doing, and everyone has already seen that site.

You will get better results using your Passive-Earner portfolio listing pages instead. If there is a site and everyone is promoting site X, then how do you stand out in the crowd? Your Passive-Earner pages will help. When people visit your page, they will not just see an "ad" for site X, they will see that there's another person involved, someone they can chat with. They can see how others have voted and commented on the site. This is information they can use to make a better decision and you are more likely to gain followers. makes it easy to refer. Chances are you're already doing it, but just not doing it well.

These listings you find displayed on are advertisements placed by our members. The programs listed have not been reviewed by Passive-Earner staff. Passive-Earner does no research into the programs listed on this site, and due to the nature of this industry the information we receive often can not be trusted. Therefore we can not responsible for ensuring that any of the programs are paying. Do your own research to your best satisfaction before transferring any of your funds and feel free to use as a resource. The programs listed can be (and generally are) extremely risky and your participation may not be legal in your country. Use extreme caution! Only ever invest money that you can comfortably live without. DO NOT spend money on these programs that you need to live. DO NOT absolutely expect the returns stated. You can lose money.